Towards the Goal

Walking on the straight road at night and looking at the point where the sky and the road meet. This poem comes as a comparison between road and the life journey with point of confluence as the ultimate goal in life.

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Mental Purity

Negativity clings to our mind strongly and creates impressions which then leads to habits that slowly destructs us from leading a morally virtuous life

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Rekindling love

A story narrating the essential ingredient which although seems present, gets lost in the chambers of heart over time and becomes dormant. This article is about reviving it.

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Life 101

A random piece of writing that sheds light hither and thither without necessarily connecting them. When article is read, the reader will be left with “dots” to connect.

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Digital Enervation

We live a life that even though seems comfortable and convenient, enervates us digitally. With the usage of smartphones and other digital gadgets on rise, this article provides tidbits, but powerful thoughts on how to live digitally balanced life.

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